Weed of the Week: Barnyardgrass

arnyardgrass. Photo: Mississippi State University

Adapted from Barnyardgrass Management in the Mississippi Delta, Jason Bond, Mississippi State University Barnyardgrass is the most troublesome weed in Mississippi rice. Barnyardgrass that is allowed to survive and produce seed in soybean can cripple a rice weed control program the following year.  Fewer barnyardgrass escapes means less seed production, […]

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Weed of the Week: Horseweed (marestail)

Have you seen horseweed beginning to pop up with the recent spring weather? At this time of year, you could be seeing either spring-emerging horseweed or fall-germinated seedlings that are re-emerging for the spring. Now is the time to begin plans to till or use an herbicide burndown so that […]

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IWM tips for early-emerging kochia

Timely scouting and strategic crop rotation can help optimize kochia control as part of an integrated weed management program. Long stretches of warm temperatures in February have spurred kochia seedlings to start emerging in parts of the midwest including western Nebraska. Since control of kochia seedlings is best shortly after […]

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