Invasive weeds in woodland

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Carol Krena asked 11 months ago

I am a land owner and have a field and forest edge that is being over run by several types of invasive weeds. I have been trying to control them myself but it’s too much for me. I want to hire someone to help but private companies cost in the thousands. My land and the area I am trying to clean up share a boundary with a county park, Hartwood Acres. I am wondering if there is anyone you can recommend to help me with this situation. Many large trees have already died from vines strangling them and I am trying to stop it.
thank-you, Carol Krena

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Annie Klodd answered 11 months ago

Hi Carol, do you have any photos of the weeds? If we can see what type of plant they are, how large of an infestation it is, and where they are growing in relation to your trees, we can possibly offer more specific advice. We cannot recommend individuals or companies, but we can provide advice and direct you to your local extension office.
Generally – for vines, it is recommended to cut or saw them down at the base, as close to the ground as possible, and immediately apply an herbicide to the cut. That herbicide will get distributed to the roots. This is more effective as a long term solution than only cutting it down and not applying herbicide. This is because vines will tend to grow back from the base after it is cut, unless the plant is actually killed. It is best to do this when the plant is actively growing, like in the spring. There are certain herbicides that are best for this purpose (link below).
Here are some resources with valuable information that can help: