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Anne Jarrett asked 1 year ago

We purchased 97 acres adjacent to our 107 acres last fall. There are several acres on the newly acquired acreage covered in kudzu. Questions: 1. Does the state of TN have assistance set up for landowners to help eradicate the kudzu from spreading? 2. Are there companies that specialize in eradicating kudzu?

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Adam Davis answered 1 year ago

According to Dr. Larry Steckel, Weed Science Extension Specialist at University of Tennessee, there is no state support available to landowners for control of kudzu in TN. Control options depend on whether you’re willing to use herbicides on your land. If you are, you can hire most local lawn/vegtation control services to apply a particular herbicide to your land. Recommendations for the chemical control of kudzu are given here: https://www.bugwood.org/weeds/forestexotics.html.
If you want a non-chemical option, there is some evidence that high intensity grazing by goats can reduce the competitiveness of kudzu (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/05/us/05goats.html; http://wate.com/2015/07/15/theyre-baaaack-kudzu-eating-goats-return-to-clean-up-knoxville/), however such options also run the risk of dispersing the seeds in the manure, and should be undertaken before seeds are present.