weevils to control mile a minute weed, Rhinocominus latipes Korotyaev

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Deborah Slawson asked 1 year ago


Where can I get these weevils? I am having a serious MAM problem and mowing is not always possible given the terrain.

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Adam Davis answered 1 year ago

The University of Delaware has produced a report on its biological control program to control MAM, which you can find here:
They also have a shorter summary on their biocontrol page: http://canr.udel.edu/biocontrol/
The lead author on the report, Dr. Judy Hough-Goldstein, Department of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, U Delaware (jhough@udel.edu), may be able to point you to a supplier.
In order to obtain the weevils, you’ll need a permit from APHIS. Here’s a link to the necessary form:¬†