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Images: Junglerice seedling (above; Joseph M. DiTomaso, UC Weed Gallery) and mature junglerice with seed heads (below; U of AR).

Multiple herbicide resistant junglerice was confirmed in 2011 in Arkansas. It is a grass that infests rice crops. While the species isĀ found on the west coast and southern states, theĀ herbicide resistant populations are in Arkansas and California. It can be distinguished by the purple marks on the leaves, but the leaves do not always have these marks. It grows in a spreading/open form, often even more open than barnyardgrass. Currently, weed scientists are doing research to improve management of herbicide resistant junglerice, but online extension resources are limited. Growers who suspect junglerice based on the identification keys above may contact their local extension agent.

Resistant populations:

  • Group 9
  • Group 2
  • Group 2+7+26

Locations of resistant populations:

Arkansas, California


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