Weed ID


Weed photos for use in weed ID – WSSA

Comprehensive list of weed ID sites – Weed Science Society of America

USDA Plant Database

Plant Image Gallery – Noble Research Institute

Apps for the field:


ID Weeds – FREE


New Jersey Weed Gallery – Rutgers University

Northeastern Weed Science Society – List of Weed ID Pages

Weed Id For Pennsylvania- Penn State University


Weed Identification Guide for the Southeast – Virginia Tech

Turffiles Weed ID Key– North Carolina State University


Weed Identification Key – University of Missouri

University of Missouri Weed ID and Herbicide Injury Guide – $18.00

Iowa State University Common Weed ID Guide

Weed Identification – University of Minnesota

Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide – The Ohio State University

Weed Identification Key – University of Wisconsin


Weed Identification – Louisiana State University

Weed Identification Guide – University of Florida

Weed Identification – Auburn University

Weed Photo Gallery – University of Arkansas


Weeds A-Z- Colorado State University

New Mexico State University Weed Database

University of Wyoming Weed ID Guide

Weed Photo Gallery – University of California IPM