Using “Planting Green” to Help Manage Weeds

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Trey Hill of Harborview Farms, is using planting green (i.e. planting cash crops into green, living cover crops) as a way of enhancing the services provided by cover crops. Planting green allows the cover crops to grow for an additional few weeks and allows them to produce more biomass.  The additional biomass often provides additional benefits such as planting sooner in a wet spring, more biomass for weed suppression, and additional mulch layer that can better conserve soil moisture later in the season. In this video, Trey explains how he manages 8000 acres with no till and planting green and how it contributes to outstanding weed management.


We are deeply thankful with Trey Hill, for receiving us and sharing his experience.

Edits:  Mark VanGessel, Victoria Acroyd

Video edits: Claudio Rubione