Why “Grow” is our new name


One of the changes made to the Integrated Weed Management Resource Center website is the adoption of the name GROW for our collaborative, which represents our goals:

  • Getting Rid Of Weeds (GROW) through integrated weed management (IWM);
  • Increasing adoption of IWM practices;
  • Providing growers with reliable information to help eliminate weeds and slow the development of herbicide resistance;
  • Increasing yields as we get rid of weeds.


The logo is green to symbolize that, while IWM includes chemical use, we are also proposing non-chemical (greener) strategies. Furthermore, the monocot and dicot leaves represent the fact that we will cover all weeds.


This website will still act as a reliable resource center on integrated weed management practices and a place to read up-to-date articles on advances in IWM and become part of the discussion about herbicide resistance.


Learn more about the project (Our Project) and its collaborators (Who We Are)